PANASONIC model TC-14C6 mode service tv

Panasonic Models TC-14C6

Using of the remote control, press RECALL and VOLUME simultaneously
Press FUNCTION for the other fitting
PANASONIC CHASSIS BR - (20G 11 / 20 A11 / 29G11)

select the channel 124 (CATV)
adjust the volume control at least through the key VOL–in the panel of the television
adjust the control SLEEP for the position 30 and Press VOL - in the panel of the television
To alternate for adjustment Mode (CHQ) it presses POWER in the remote control
To vary the registrars (DAC) it uses the keys CH+ and CH -. To alter the values, use the keys VOL + or VOL–
To leave in the service Mode, press ACTION AND STAN BY at the same time.

panasonic tv service manual