Panasonic Model: CT-215785 CT-315185 mode service tv

Chassis: AEDP242 NA6L

With the linked apparel, short-circuite the points FA1 and FA2. press ACTION (or MENU) and VOL+
simultaneously. Press POWER in CR to select the sub service menus. With CHANNEL + / -
select the item and with VOL + / - it adjusts the value. To leave it presses ACTION (or MENU) and POWER
simultaneously for two or three seconds

Panasonic Model: TAU

With the linked TV, adjust the volume for the minimum and place the screen OFF-TIMER in ON. Press RECALL
in the remote control and simultaneously VOL-na TV.
With the keys 1 and 2 it selects the adjustment Mode.
With the keys 3 and 4 choice the items.
With the key VOL + / - it adjusts the values.

Service manual Panasonic tv

Panasonic TV Chassis: GL 10C mode service

Panasonic Model: CT-27SF24 CT-31XC24 CT-27XF34 CT-F2992

With the linked television and using the remote control:

1) it selects SET-UP in the main menu and the modality CABLE in the option ANTENNA.
2) it selects TIMER and adjust the chronometer for 30.
3) it presses ACTION 2 times to leave of the menus and select the channel 124.
4) it adjusts the volume for the minimum. When pressing VOL - again, he/she will enter in the service Mode (CHK).
5) to leave it presses ACTION simultaneously and POWER for more than two seconds.

panasonic tv service manual